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What to Anticipate When you Join Addiction Recovery Programs

When you have decided to quit using substances that is an important step. After this, you should consider finding help from a rehab center. Although drugs may seem easier to quit on your own, chances of giving in to triggers are increased. Likewise, patients in this line will have a hard time dealing with the withdrawal symptoms, and that is why professional help is commendable.

One thing for sure is that these addiction recovery programs are personalized. When it comes to addiction recovery, all patients need to be addressed. Owing to this variance, the experts in this line can select those programs that are more likely to give the patient the best.
Another thing to expect in this line is that the program will be offered in a different phase. The center recommends that the patients complete the three phases to recover fully.

During the first phase of the program usually called the partial care program, the patients need at least to visit the center Monday to Friday each day for five hours. In the course of the program, patients are required to undergo a random drug test. Also, a random breathalyzer may be done from time to time. After completing the program for the four weeks, they are ready for the next.

phase two usually called the intensive outpatient program, the focus is less on the treatment but now the life of the patient. The maximum period this program can last is 12 weeks. There is a need to mention that some patients may take less time. Patients in this phase ought to expect a random drug screening, and they will need to attend an individual therapy session.

The third phase in this line is the outpatient program that promises maximum freedom to the patients. Still, you are part of the program, and there is some supervision though at low levels. During this phase, there is a need for full accountability on the part of the patient. On the hand, you will still need individual therapy and screening may also be done from time.

When a patient is considering an addiction recovery program, he or she needs to ensure that they pick the best centers. Another thing is that this program may vary depending on the center and that is why you need to check on such prior your enrollment. By choosing a center that has been offering such programs, there is no doubt that you will benefit much considering that they have skills in this line.

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